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Hi-hi guys~ Sorry the skin isn't as pretty but I hope that doesn't change anything. -w- .... 

So I've been trying to come up with a new character for Strangers who is kind of a secret admirer/rival of Siren. But I'm having so much trouble coming up with a design. I don't have a full backstory for him however I do have some requirements for him. 

Here are the design things to keep in mind:

Bullet; White This is kind of weird but I would like him to be scary, yet handsome. 
Bullet; White He's in his 20's
Bullet; White He doesn't have a name yet, but I'm thinking Dr. Silico. First name is Xerxes.
Bullet; White He has to wear a open labcoat.
Bullet; White It's a male
Bullet; White He wears a tie OR bowtie
Bullet; White He's a Thanatologist (Studies Death)

-Very Smart
-Sore Loser
-Teasing (Way of flirting with Siren)
-Tsundere-ish to Siren (Pokes fun at her, she pokes back, but deep down loves her)

What I have for he's backstory so far. (Please know that this might be changed.)
Was a college student and studied thanatology. He got kicked out of the college thanks to his roommate. While he was mad,him and his roommate fought and he accidentally killed him. He left the area and met Ringmaster, who gave him a home, and Siren who just came back to life. He wanted to learn about her and help her find her killer in return he wanted to study Siren as a Reaper. She agreed to it. However she felt as if she was a science project more than a friend. Though he claimed it was for her but never told her he liked her. Siren got impatient as she wanted to find her killer soon. They got into a fight where he bumped into a chemical that spilt on him to change Xerxes. He looked different in a crazy way, and he has slight insane tendencies. He wanted to kill though not his Siren. Siren told him to that once he finds what he really wants, to not to talk to him. They now are rivals as he wants her to work with him again (and so she loves him, but she doesn't know of his feelings) and Siren just wants ti find her killer. Xerxes is still looking for her killer even after Siren left him.

Now here are the rules:
Bullet; Black The deadline is October 1st
Bullet; Black You may use bases as long as you credit them.
Bullet; Black No judges.
Bullet; Black If you need more time on the picture, please tell me, and I can extend it, or postpone the judging.
Bullet; Black To join spread the word. (Journal)

1st- Month "Core" Membership (Or 400 points)
2nd- 200Points
3rd- 150Points


:iconjazzy-hazelnutbunny: Mad scientist by Jazzy-HazelnutBunny
:iconmarindalechat: Mad Scientist by marindalechat
:iconcomputerwar: Scientist:CE: by computerwar

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